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American Witnesses Poster Set

“I do not know words that are strong enough or expressive enough to describe the horror I saw in those few days.” –US Army Signal Corps photographer

The poster set American Witnesses highlights the experiences of men and women in the US military who saw firsthand evidence of Nazi atrocities in April 1945. It explores their reactions to what they saw and heard using their oral, written, and visual testimony. This exhibit also includes the testimonies of Holocaust survivors liberated by US military personnel.

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Each poster set contains 18 different posters designed to be printed at 3 feet by 2 feet in full color. The audio testimony accompanying the poster set can be found by dialing 508.784.1945. The phone number is located on each of the posters. To download the full poster set or a powerpoint version, please fill out the short survey below.

Additional Resources

Watch Eyewitness Films

This amateur footage, filmed by American servicemen and women using handheld cameras, captures some of the moments of liberation. This film contains graphic footage that may not be suitable for all audiences.