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Definition of the Holocaust

Definitions are important. One of the Museum’s guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust is to define the term “Holocaust.” This short activity helps students understand the definition of the term.

Grade Level: Adaptable for grades 6–12 Subject: Multidisciplinary Time Required: 15 minutes, with additional time for discussion

This is a short activity intended to introduce students to the Holocaust. It can be used by itself or at the beginning of a unit.

Activity Materials

Essential Question

  • What was the Holocaust?

Teacher Preparation

  • Inform students that you will be studying the Holocaust. Distribute the worksheet. 

  • Using the strategies that work best in your classroom (partner work; class read-aloud with definition projected; individual work), assist the students in completing the worksheet.  Teacher Note: The worksheet can also be assigned as homework before beginning a unit, or as a review. Provide time in class to answer any questions students may have.

  • Take the time to explain the definition of any words students circled. Demonstrate how to use the Holocaust Encyclopedia to locate answers to any material they underlined or any other questions they may have.  

  • Use the answer key, if needed.