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Exploring Night as Literature, Bearing Witness to History

Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, has become a standard text used in many classes to both teach about the history and human impact of the Holocaust. This lesson will help teachers and students understand the fuller historical context of the events described in Wiesel’s writing.

Grade level: Secondary level Subject: Multidisciplinary Time required: This lesson is highly adaptable. Teachers can choose to use all or sections of the three-part lesson, depending on the context in which the students read Night and the desired outcomes in the classroom. At minimum, teachers should prepare for at least one classroom session per segment of the lesson you wish to include (three in total).

Languages: English, Spanish

Lesson Plan and Teaching Materials

Teachers can request physical printed Timeline Cards from the Museum.

For Learning Management Systems

This online lesson plan is compatible with learning management systems or web browsers for students to complete individually or as a class. You can use the PDF of the original lesson plan above as a guide. To use with your LMS, download the files below and follow your system’s instructions for importing files.