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The Museum supports state and district administrators to provide access to quality Holocaust education through free, accurate instructional resources, professional development opportunities, and localized support. On this page:

  • Find standards alignment for English language arts and social studies, teaching guidelines, and available resources from local Holocaust education centers.

  • Explore lesson plans, classroom activities, videos and more to share with classroom teachers in multiple disciplines.

The Museum serves students, educators and leaders in all 50 states and seeks to ensure educators are inspired and prepared to teach Holocaust history and prompt students to think critically about the past and their actions today.

Support for Administrators

Museum educators, historians and partners can help you ensure that teachers in your community have resources and training to teach about the Holocaust.

Tools for Administrators

The Museum has prepared these resources for state and district administrators to ensure all teachers have access to free Museum resources and instructional support to accurately teach about how and why the Holocaust happened.

Hear from Leaders Advancing Holocaust Education

Learn from state and district leaders who are working to successfully integrate Holocaust education into their curriculum through strategic partnerships, scaling of instructional best practices, and distribution of free, high-quality resources and professional development.

Share Tools with Teachers

The Museum offers a variety of classroom-ready resources and activities for you to share with educators. This large collection of inquiry-based lesson plans are designed to flexibly integrate into curricula across multiple subject areas.

Upcoming Education Programs and Timely Resources

No events are scheduled at this time.

Holocaust Education in the US

Holocaust education requirements vary by state. This list reflects those states that have provided the Museum with a link to their Holocaust education requirements. The Museum offers this list for informational purposes only, and it may not be comprehensive. State departments of education may complete this form to have state information updated.