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Between 1975 and 1979, Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge subjected the country’s citizens to forced labor, persecution, and execution in the name of the regime’s ruthless agrarian ideology. Almost two million people—approximately one third of the country’s population—died in the “killing fields.” Learn more about this and the quest for justice in the decades since.

  • Learn about the lead-up to and aftermath of the violence in Cambodia.

  • In October 2012, a Museum delegation visited Phnom Penh to observe the trials of some of the surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge.

  • Our quantitative assessment, from the Early Warning Project, estimates the risk of a new mass killing in Cambodia.

  • This exhibition, now closed, explored the murderous actions taken by the Khmer Rouge.

  • This exhibition, now closed, explored the history of efforts to hold perpetrators of genocide and mass atrocities accountable through court proceedings.