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Podcast: Seeking Justice for the Yezidi Genocide

A young Yezidi girl carries her sister in a displaced persons camp in Dohuk, Iraq. Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Despite widespread agreement that the self-proclaimed Islamic State committed genocide against the Yezidi in Northern Iraq in 2014, the international community has not moved to hold the group accountable or even to collect the type of evidence that might result in prosecution. The Simon-Skjodt Center's Deputy Director Naomi Kikoler joined a recent Harvard Humanitarian Initiative podcast to discuss the acts of genocide, which include the murder of men and the elderly and forcing women and children into slavery, and debate the prospects for justice. Other participants were Sareta Ashraph, Chief Legal Analyst for the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria from 2012 to 2016, and Yazda Executive Director Murad Ismael. Hear the conversation and read Kikoler's findings about the Yezidi genocide.