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About Our Programs for Military

The Museum’s programs and resources for military personnel encourage reflection and discussion on leadership, decision making, and genocide prevention. Through examination of the Holocaust and in particular the German military, military members gain fresh insight into their own professional and individual responsibilities and explore ways in which they can work to prevent mass atrocities today. 

Topics include:

  • Critical factors that influence decision making and command responsibility in complex environments

  • Changing cultural and professional contexts influencing military operations

  • The dynamics of genocide and mass atrocities

About Our Military Programs

Over 50,000 military professionals have participated in Museum programs in coordination with the US Service Academies, the US Army Command and General Staff College, the Judge Advocate General Legal Center and School, the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, Senior Service Colleges, the United States Southern Command, and many other military training institutions. Learn more about some of our programs below.

Contact Us

If you’re an instructor and want to learn more about Museum programs and resources for military professionals, please contact Amanda Rooney Stierli at Learn more about our staff.

Funding for the Civic and Defense Initiatives is provided by the May Family Endowment for Civic Responsibility.