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Our Staff and Scholars

Staff at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies are subject matter experts with backgrounds in a wide variety of disciplines from history and Jewish studies to archaeology, political science, film theory, and others. Among the most authoritative voices in the field, their work supports scholarship and publications in Holocaust studies, promotes the growth of Holocaust studies at North American universities, and fosters strong relationships between American and international scholars.

The Mandel Center also organizes programs to ensure the ongoing training of future generations of scholars and collects Holocaust-related archival documents worldwide.

Staff and Scholars

Leff, Lisa Director Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

Anthony, Elizabeth Director Visiting Scholars

Barrett, Jocelyn Program Coordinator Visiting Scholars

Brown-Fleming, Suzanne Senior Project Director International Academic Programs

Cain, Rosie Program Coordinator Academic Publications

Carter-Chand, Rebecca Director Program on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust

Crago-Schneider, Kierra Campus Outreach Program Officer

Ehrenreich, Robert M. Director National Academic Programs

Feldman, Steven Emerging Scholars Program Officer National Academic Programs

Fisher, Emily Program Coordinator International Research Programs

Foster, Laura Director Academic Publications

Guthrie, Neal Director Planning and Administration

Hecker, Mel Publications Officer Academic Publications

Hegburg, Krista Senior Program Officer International Research Programs

Julian, Kathryn Program Officer Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust

Kerenji, Emil Applied Research Scholar

Klein, Emily Program Coordinator Broadening Academia Initiative

Kloes, Andrew Applied Researcher

Lambertz, Jan Applied Researcher

Lazar, Natalya Program Manager, Initiative for Ukranian-Jewish Shared History  International Research Programs

Liden, Julia Program Coordinator Programs on Ethics, Religion, and the Holocaust

Lohse, Alexandra Applied Research Scholar

MacNeill, Lindsay Historian Division of the Senior Historian

Magin, Michelle Assistant Editor Academic Publications

Matthäus, Jürgen Director Applied Research Scholars

Michelbacher, Dallas Applied Researcher

McClintock, Rachel Program Coordinator Campus Outreach Programs

Millard, Nicole Executive Assistant

Newman, Daniel Program Manager International Research Programs

Perlman, Susan Program Officer Broadening Academia Initiative

Rice, Patricia Heberer Director Division of the Senior Historian

Ullrich, Anna Director International Academic Programs

White, Elizabeth (Barry) Historian Division of the Senior Historian

White, Katharine Program Officer Faculty Outreach and Development

Wolfson, Leah Rosalyn Unger Director of Campus Outreach Programs