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Days of Remembrance Resources

There are many ways to recognize Days of Remembrance in your city, school, workplace, or religious institution. The resources provided here are for the most common types of remembrance activities. However you plan to commemorate, it is important to ensure the activity is respectful of Holocaust survivors and victims and their suffering.

Remembrance Events

Get help with all aspects of your event, from deciding on a format, to inviting a Holocaust survivor to speak, to promoting it in your community. Learn more

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a theme for your commemoration can help narrow the vast historical subject of the Holocaust. Each of our recommended themes features a video, poster sets, presentations, and other resources you can use to enrich your event.

Remembrance Activities for Educators

The Museum provides a variety of ready-to-use resources to help you plan Days of Remembrance activities for your students.

Why We Remember Video

Watch this video to learn about Holocaust Days of Remembrance and why we, as a nation, remember this history and memorialize the victims.

Survivor Testimony 

Remember the Holocaust and honor its victims by bringing the personal experiences of survivors to your students.

Identification Cards

Provide ID cards to explore individual experiences of the Holocaust through personal stories of survivors and victims.

Names Reading

Read the names of the men, women, and children killed during the Holocaust as a symbolic and personal way of remembering these individuals.

Getting Started Guide

Explore the Museum’s suggestions for where to begin with lesson plans and teaching materials for English, language arts, and history courses. Resources also include survivor testimony, timeline activities, videos, and frequently asked questions.

City or State Remembrance Proclamations

You can request that your mayor or governor issue a special statement declaring that the Days of Remembrance will be commemorated in your city or state. A request, along with a sample proclamation, should be sent to the appropriate official several weeks before the observance.

Ways to Commemorate on Social Media

Share personal stories of survivors and victims using the Identification Cards in our Holocaust Encyclopedia. Tweet a selection of victims’ names each day of Days of Remembrance using names from this list (PDF). Use #HolocaustRemembrance and #WeRemember in your tweets and on Instagram.

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