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First Person: Conversations with Holocaust Survivors

After Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Hungary in 1944, authorities forced 13-year-old Irene Fogel Weiss and her family to leave their home and live in a crowded ghetto under horrible conditions. Just weeks later, the family found themselves packed in a freight car bound for Auschwitz. When they arrived at the camp, Irene clung to her little sister’s hand—until a Nazi official broke them apart with a baton. Irene froze in terror as her sister disappeared into the crowd. Watch to learn what happened next. Submit a question for Irene during the live discussion on Wednesday, July 31, at 1 p.m. ET by signing into your YouTube or Gmail account. First Person is a monthly, hour-long interview between journalist Bill Benson and a Holocaust survivor on the Museum’s YouTube page, including questions from the audience. This program is made possible through generous support from the Louis Franklin Smith Foundation.

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