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Our Work And Mission

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is working to keep Holocaust memory alive while inspiring citizens and leaders to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity in our constantly changing world.

We’re devoted to:

  • We carefully preserve objects that survived the Holocaust and make our collections available to the public at the Museum and online.

  • We are the global leader in teaching the lessons of the Holocaust and in generating new knowledge and understanding about what made it possible.

  • We monitor and raise awareness of areas at risk for genocide and influence international policy to prevent mass atrocities.

  • We are a leader in fostering greater awareness of the Holocaust and its lessons for a complex world.

  • The Museum has challenged tens of millions of visitors to think critically not just about the Holocaust, but the world and their role in it. This project will ensure our main exhibition remains a state-of-the-art educational experience for diverse 21st-century audiences.

  • We meet audiences where they are and engage them with Holocaust history and its relevance, giving them the knowledge to confront antisemitism and hatred.

  • This initiative focuses on Americans' responses to the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Your Support Matters

Whether you make a donation, volunteer in person, or share our message on social media, your efforts matter.