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Activities and Resources for Use During Your Visit to the Permanent Exhibition

The Permanent Exhibition is a self-guided tour that can take anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours. No organized tours of the Permanent Exhibition are offered. The following activities are designed to enhance visual literacy skills and to help students focus on a variety of themes and broad-based questions while in the Permanent Exhibition.

Student Visitation Guide

This handout will guide students through the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition, The Holocaust, helping them think about how and why the Holocaust happened. There is one highlighted stop or section on each floor, and students will be prompted to select an artifact or photograph that is meaningful to them.

Download Student Visitation Guide (PDF)

How to Read an Exhibition Display Panel

Within the different sections of the Permanent Exhibition, there are display panels that convey information about the events of the Holocaust. Each includes one or more types of media, such as photographs, documents, artifacts, moving images, and text.

How to Read an Exhibition Display Panel (PDF)

Question Cards

When student groups arrive at the Museum, they will receive one of five different question cards that will encourage them to focus on various themes represented in the Permanent Exhibition. Each Question Card is a different color according to its theme and features an historical image from the Museum’s collection. These cards engage students’ observation skills and promote dialogue between students, teachers and chaperones both at the Museum and back in the classroom.