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Syria: Please Don’t Forget Us

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Since the start of the conflict in Syria, the Museum has been sounding the alarm for policymakers and the public about atrocities being committed by the Assad regime. As part of its campaign of violence, the Syrian government has detained more than 100,000 of its own citizens. In many cases, the government has refused to release their names. Families of the missing do not know whether loved ones are alive or dead.

One survivor of detention and torture, Mansour Omari, entrusted the Museum with evidence of those crimes, which were displayed in Syria: Please Don’t Forget Us. While in prison, Mansour and his fellow prisoners wrote their names on five scraps of fabric in an ink made of rust and their own blood. When Mansour was released, he smuggled out the pieces of fabric so he could inform his cellmates’ families about what had happened to them.

Using video, music, and testimony, Syria: Please Don’t Forget Us introduced visitors to the conflict in Syria through one man’s story.