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2018 Elie Wiesel Award

All Holocaust Survivors

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the Museum bestowed the 2018 Elie Wiesel Award on all survivors of the Holocaust in recognition of their courage, resilience, and commitment to Holocaust remembrance and education.

In presenting the award at the 25th Anniversary National Tribute Dinner on April 9, Museum Vice Chairman Allan Holt credited survivors for the Museum’s existence and success. “After the war, in addition to rebuilding their shattered lives, they did something extraordinary. They created a memory movement.” 

Holt continued, “All the survivors have taught us what it means to be human. They have taught us about suffering, loss, and survival—and about resilience, courage, compassion, and hope. They challenge us to be better, and they inspire the hope that indeed we can be.”

The 2018 Elie Wiesel Award will be permanently displayed in the Museum.